Download D'Xavier Esports Logo Vector Format (CDR, EPS, AI, SVG, PNG)

Vector-based Image File Extension Type


SVG (Scalable Vektor Graphics)

Is an image format that is commonly used in vector-based image formats. The advantage of SVG format images is that they look neat even though they are enlarged many times. The SVG image format is starting to be applied to web browsers such as Opera & Firefox. Vector images are expected to become the most widely used image format in the next few years.

SVG is also a new file format for displaying graphics in XML -based web development  (eXtensible Mark up Language). Besides SVG, there is also   XML-based MathML (Mathematics Mark up Language) for displaying mathematical formulas and also  CML (Chemical Mark up Language)  for chemistry. SVG serves to display 2D graphics in XML code. Basically SVG can be used to create three types of graphic objects, namely :  Path  (consisting of straight lines and curves), images, text. SVG can create a graphic consisting of many different vectors. And a vector is actually a line connecting 2 straight lines.


GEM (Graphics Exchange Metafile)

Is a vector-based graphic file format used by GUI-based applications (Graphical User Interface) developed by Digital Research.


CDR (Corel Draw)

Is a file format for graphics software, namely CorelDraw. This format is vector and the default format of CorelDraw. Images with .cdr  extension  when enlarged or reduced beyond the resolution will not be distorted or broken.


AI (Adobe Illustrator)

Is a vector-based graphic file format that is owned by adobe illustrator graphics software as the default format from the manufacturer. Images with the extension  .ai  when enlarged or reduced will not be distorted or broken. The file size of this format is usually large because it has not been compressed.


CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)

Is a vector graphics file format developed by several standards organizations that is supported by many PC software products.


HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language)

It is one of the oldest file formats. While not quite as good, this format is supported by many PC-based graphics products.


PAT (Pattern File)

Is a vector-based graphic file format. This file is large, because it has not been compressed. This file is usually used to store important and quality files.


DXF (Data eXchange File)

Is a vector graphics file format developed by Autodesk. Most CAD systems can use this format.


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